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Pratham Sindhu Mahakumbh
07 to 10 August 2021
Leh Ladakh

✈️By Air : SD-1
Delhi - Leh - Delhi
7 to 11 August 2021 Charges : ₹ 18000+ Tickets (₹35000) Per Person

By Road SD-2
Chandigarh - Manali - Leh -Jammu
4 to 14 August 2021
Charges- ₹ 24000 / per person

By road SD-3
Jammu - Leh - Manali- Chandigarh
2 to 13 August 2021
Charges ₹ 24000 per person
Spl Offer : On 13th Aug 2021 Yatris who are interested for local sight seeing, they will be provided by accommodation in Chandigarh up to 14 August 10.00am. Please Inform the Samiti in advance.

For any query:
Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti
Helpline: 9821892711
Cont: 9821892711 - 16

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Welcome to the Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti Site

Here you can learn about the activities of the Yatra Samiti, see photographs of the past events and learn how to become a part of the sangathan. Every Year Sindhu Darshan Utsav is celebrated on the banks of river SINDHU, where our ancient Sindhu Valley Civilization originated, a holy place where Lord Jhulelal reincarnated, where the Vedas were created / written, a place which also became the center of ancient Budhist Monastries.

In this Utsav, tourists from India as well as many other countries participate with zest and zeal - take a dip in the holy river, offer prayers and respects to the almighty.

Hence you are co-ordially Invited to attend the 21st Sindhu Darshan Utsav, at Leh, India.
Join us and be part of the grand celebrations and we assure that you will cherish the experience for a lifetime.

Sindhu Darshan Yatra is a kind of pilgrimage as it takes us to the ancient and holy Sindhu river where Vedic culture has blossomed. This river has also giveBudhan name and cultural heritage to our country. India has originated from Indus Valley Civilisation and hence one must visit and have a dip in the holy river. The Sindhu River leads to amalgamation of the whole country culturally, religiously, and socially.

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More About Us
Sh. Indresh Kumar
Sh. Indresh KumarFounder & Chief Patron
Most respected Indresh ji is a Civil Engineering Graduate, and a Sr. Pracharak of RSS. He is the member of the national working comm. of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS).
Swami Yatindranand Giri
Swami Yatindranand GiriPatron
Swami Ji is the Maha-Mandaleshwar. President of the Himalaya Pariwar. He is also the President of the Bhartiya Sant Samaj.
About Sindhu Region
The Sindhu River is one of the world’s longest river. Various other names given to our country such as – Hind, Hindustan, India etc have been derived from Sindhu or Indus. Here only Lord Jhulelal was born.

About Sindhu Darshan Yatra

The Sindhu Darshan Yatra is brining you the Sindhu Maha Kumbh, set to take place between 23-26th June 2021. Please check for all the Information on this website or call the Yatra Samiti office

Mon – Fri : 10 AM to 5 PM

Sat – Sun : 10 AM to 2 PM

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